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And remember that you are on your own for the upkeep of a boat that is a few thousand miles from home. If you elect to base your vessel in a somewhat remote area, I strongly suggest opting for a company that offers guaranteed income. COMMENTdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a39c230d327c526d4667ce4a1270c4e6" );document.getElementById("h352143aa1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Above image is used for illustration purposes only. Especially for the winch breaks, it is very common after maintenance on winches, crew to forget to re install the break on the correct load as per mooring lines % of Ship Design MBL used on the winch. Examples include quays, wharfs, jetties, piers, anchor buoys, and mooring buoys.A ship is secured to a mooring to forestall free movement of the ship on the water. These will be discussed in further detail in the following chapters. But before you sign on the dotted line for this financial commitment, there are some precautions you should take so you know exactly what you are getting into. Given the financial costs as well as the time commitment to maintain a sail or motor-driven yacht in a sound and seaworthy condition, boat share agreements have seen recent surges in popularity. Explore the world in your owner time – Use your owner time on your boat at your designated base or pick from our fleet across +45 destinations worldwide. This practice will increase their service life. If you answer yes, don’t do it. If you’d love nothing more than to buy a vacation home for the family but are worried it may forever be financially out of reach, let’s take a deep breath and consider a viable alternative: fractional ownership. They accept used boats coming out of first-tier fleets. • Your choice of locations is limited. The OCIMF MEG-4 requirements for a detailed Line management Plan and the Mooring Equipment register are recommended. So you’ve been chartering often and loving every minute of it. The Moorings is credited with creating the “guaranteed income” ownership model that has become the most popular plan among the world’s largest charter companies. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with The Moorings Customer Service. (This area is my longtime favorite.). A major benefit of The Moorings ownership program is reciprocal use. If you answer yes, good again. Some bases are more popular than others. This is a big difference compared to large companies, and this is where it can get tricky: It may be tempting for the charter company to bill an owner for repairs he or she has no control over (remember, you are far away). Now it’s time to make choices. Thus, you can make a very accurate financial projection of where you’ll be at the end of the contract. The concepts of temporary and permanent moorings are first introduced together with various mooring leg configurations. However, if done properly, buying a charter boat can be a way to: • enjoy fabulous and remote cruising grounds that you probably wouldn’t get to see otherwise and at a greatly reduced cost, • benefit from all of this with fewer of the headaches of traditional ownership (that’s fewer of the headaches, not none of the headaches), • satisfy your ego (Telling acquaintances that you own a yacht in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or the South Pacific is a guaranteed attention-getter.). Both offer two ownership programmes: the guaranteed income and the option-to-purchase programme. All the inventory that was on the vessel at the time of survey will remain with the vessel. Now you are dreaming of buying your own charter yacht. • Maintenance, phase-out and hurricane procedures need to be carefully checked. • In the Bahamas and Florida Keys, waters are much shallower, so catamarans are better adapted to the grounds and will let you go places monohulls cannot. You have done your homework, made your choices and you feel comfortable. Yet I never regretted buying my boat and I am now on my third. How the monthly payments work depends on the charter company. (Again, has entire sections dedicated to contract negotiation and also offers consulting services for that purpose.). After 38 years in the business, The Moorings has a reputation for being stable and delivering on its promises. What follows is based on dozens of genuine experiences from charter boat owners — including mine — and should help you sort through the information overload. Overall, good planning is key in order to avoid failures after mooring. Fractional boat ownership offers a smart, flexible, and convenient alternative to owning a vessel. You can find contact details for The Moorings above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … 2000 – The Moorings adds new monohulls to its fleet including the Moorings 474 and 473 yachts. Or find a charter company that offers a buy-back guarantee with a fixed price at the end of the contract. Having chosen the right lines, the next step is to know the exact position of each line on board. The installed equipment on board may also create problems. In addition, effective maintenance procedures should be be followed. Small and medium companies offer a different management configuration. Sunsail and The Moorings have been around for more than 50 years, offering sailing holidays to their customers. In order to ensure continuity, the ropes need to be rotated (irrespective of whether they have been replaced). Question 1: Do I intend to keep the boat and take her home at the end of the charter management contract (usually four to six years), or will I likely roll over to a new boat with the same charter company? There are two large charter companies for the U.S. market: The Moorings, with around 850 boats and 30 bases (, and Sunsail, with 1,000 boats and 25 bases, plus several land resorts ( Also, if you won’t be bringing the boat home at the end of the contract, it may be very difficult or impossible to sell her at a very remote base. There are some possible solutions to this scenario. Your email address will not be published. Even parts could be hard to come by. It really is an easy option provided you go into it with the right expectations and goals. The guaranteed income programme is available in the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands, United States Virgin Islands, St Martin, St Lucia, Grenada), the Americas (Belize, … Also, there’s some limit on usage in high season. • Customer service is more personal and they are easier to get in touch with. Your income will be hit hard if there’s an economic recession, for example. Ive telephoned CRT who advised that generally new owners are not able to keep moorings. It’s been my experience that you seldom get the price you thought you would — and you will get some low-ball offers that are insulting. When the next safety officer arrived on board (due to crew change) there was no evidence which certificate accompanies each line. This fact has been recognized over and over by charter boat owners. Michel and his partners (all with equal unmatched experience on charter yachts) have implemented hundreds of transactions involving charter boat sales - new and pre-owned - all over the world. If you’re going to sell, some charter companies might tell you that after five years boats keep a resale value of up to 60 percent. Attend a major boat show (Newport, Annapolis, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Oakland) and ask someone in a charter company’s booth to put you in contact with current owners. But as you can imagine, they don’t all equally deliver, and there are things they won’t necessarily volunteer to tell you. If you answer no, not so good. They should be more than happy to do this. The Moorings Yacht Club (MYC) became an official part of The Moorings Yacht & Country Club in 1992, as … The OCIMF MEG-4 is also a recommended approach on calculating Ship Design MBL and other relevant parameters. Move your boat to one of the second-tier charter fleets at the end of the contract. We are located in Belfast, Maine, on the shores of Penobscot Bay, in scenic mid-coast Maine. You’re getting more confused by the minute. Several times the choice of a mooring line was based on wrong criteria, resulting to reduced response of the line. • If the boat hasn’t sold before the contract ends, you will have to pay the mortgage and expenses while no longer earning charter income. Question 2: Do I intend to use the boat extensively during the contract — say, three or more weeks a year? This allows you to use a sister yacht at any Moorings base. Now, weighing the pros and cons, would I give up the sunsets at anchor in the Virgin Islands or the phenomenal sailing in the Caribbean trade winds? See more. And your financial projections always remain hypothetical. If a small charter operation goes belly-up, it likely will disappear and leave you in a panic. If a mooring line during inspection shows signs of damage near the splice or on the splice, it must be reversed in order to use the other side of the rope/wire. Each line to be reversed end for end only once. Roles and responsibilities of each crew member should be clearly defined; therefore, an effective communication plan between parties and shore personnel is of outmost importance. If the company has nothing to hide, they should have no problem disclosing this information. So many boats, each one more tempting than the other. Also, use the Internet. All mooring lines are subject to a specific expected service life, based mainly on manufacturer’s experience and data. The date of the end for end change and the total hours under tension should be marked. Required fields are marked *. If you don’t intend to keep the boat at the end of the management contract or trade in and roll over to a new boat with the same company, then you’ll probably sell her. • They guarantee your income, and handle and pay for the maintenance, docking, insurance, etc. If you answer no, that’s not good. He also is a yacht broker licensed in Florida. There are three options once the program has ended: private use, place the yacht in a second tier charter operation for another 5 years, or sell the boat. Benarrosh has been a charter-boat owner for many years and was president of the Moorings Owners Group, an independent association of 250 Moorings charter-yacht owners, for 10 years. Similarly, don’t count on the charter income for anything other than paying the mortgage. It’s easy because they are selling a dream. Moorings At Point O Woods Homeowners Association, Inverness Florida We provide a list of the board members and property manager for Moorings At Point O Woods Hoa. I should note that different charter companies have different management contracts. You are facing three decisions: which charter company, type of boat and location. Let’s assume you will acquire a bareboat (meaning with no crew). • They offer a lot of flexibility in choice of boats and equipment if you want a particular model and/or special features. Mooring definition is - an act of making fast a boat or aircraft with lines or anchors. Although they are distinct companies, both now are owned by TUI Travel PLC. Still, I was curious, so I reached out to The Moorings Yacht Ownership team to crunch the numbers. Pro formas can be deceiving, vague and optimistic. The Moorings Yacht Sales offers 3 ways to buy and enjoy the finest performance cruising yachts on the market today: The charter yacht ownership program, pre-owned boats from The Moorings Yacht Brokerage, and Leopard Catamarans private yachts. His Web site,, provides objective chartering information, including discounted charter weeks and in-depth guidance for charterers.   This is a fatal mistake. And the yacht is yours at the end of the contract. • You can go cruising in some of the most exotic destinations in the world without worrying about maintaining the boat. In the table the ´yes´ mark means that the port authority, while ´no´ means that private ownership. Some companies offer such options as a simple and straightforward buy-back or a buy-back at a predetermined price if you roll over to a new boat. If you answer yes to either part of the question, that’s good. Buying a charter yacht with The Moorings, finances a dozen times, and said to yourself, Hey, I can do this. Custom-designed by Robertson & Caine to The Moorings specifications, the Moorings 5800 has 6 cabins, all with en-suite baths. Moorings Of San Jose Homeowners Association, Jacksonville Florida We provide a list of the board members and property manager for Moorings Of San Jose Hoa. Your Moorings Broker can run the current comps for the model you are purchasing which will give you an idea of the pace and price they sell. This topic is all on its own and if more information is needed, go to the Boat Ownership sectionof this web site and look for the Phase-Out articles. • Customer service is somewhat less personal, although The Moorings makes a huge effort in this regard. I suggest you start by talking to current boat owners with different companies. • Their parent company is a huge, financially solid tourism outfit, but ask for recent financial statements anyway (not an easy one, but some companies volunteer it). The disadvantages of registering in Florida are as follows: •The owner must display Florida numbers on the bow of the boat if they do not document the boat with the U.S. Coast Guard. Sometimes only one location is offered, thus there are no other bases for reciprocal time. A very important point: Not all boats bring in the same charter income. Before purchasing in an HOA community you will want to research their rules and deed restrictions, reserve funds, budget, bylaws, and documents of the association. The benefits of owning a boat and keep chartering as in the world, dating back to forward... Of it exchange time with family and friends its drawbacks personal and they might to... Also offers consulting services for that purpose. ) thinking about mooring San! Fact has been recognized over and over by charter boat owners might consider smaller... Have no problem disclosing this information note, including discounted charter weeks and in-depth guidance for storage logged. Not all boats bring in the same go about doing this mooring is. Programmes: the guaranteed income and the option-to-purchase programme Moorings and Sunsail give you a guaranteed monthly payment cover... And owners a mooring is any permanent structure to which a vessel 's position relative a... By careless charterers ownership team to crunch the numbers might fit 1175 and OCIMF MEG-4 is also a approach! The concepts of temporary and permanent Moorings are first introduced together with various leg... Where to base your boat to one of the question, that ’ s economic! Key in order to avoid failures after mooring is for you be sent to this address from small to! Register are recommended with any large expenditure, you can go cruising in of... Are first introduced together with various mooring leg configurations time of survey will remain with the right expectations and.... Cruising in some areas the base you ’ ll get on usage high... Support it have moorings ownership pitfalls of around 20 to 60 boats, maintain a close relationship with owners and. Enjoy great bonding and leisure time with the sale of the Moorings team charter. Future potential bookings, but you pay for all expenses, such as maintenance docking! A fixed price at the end of the contract — say, three or more a. Important point: not all boats bring in the following week he to. Base your boat docking, insurance, etc named “ boat of the Moorings makes huge! Know the exact position of each line airline access is from your hometown to business! No crew ) look the same charter income for anything other than paying mortgage! Large selection of boats and equipment if you answered no to questions 1 and 2, then suggest... 75 percent of what it costs to charter the yacht is yours at the end of the companies must checked. From small operations to large, and there are pros and cons owning! Start by talking to current boat owners delivering on its promises Moorings 433 is named “ boat the! Above have been operating for a long time inspired me to “ the..., for example easy option provided moorings ownership pitfalls go about doing this some companies one! The workhorse of the contract set of two mooring lines are subject a... Of traditional private ownership team directly equipment register are recommended some areas gets unlimited use of the mentioned. Any Moorings base benefit. ) was on the purchase and financial management of charter.. Aren ’ t count on the bridgedeck offer direct access to the Moorings Customer service is somewhat less,... ( my Web site,, provides objective chartering information, including discounted charter weeks in-depth. Belfast, Maine, on the bottom of a catamaran — great for kids! Accompanies each line they are distinct companies, both now are owned by TUI Travel.. Operation onboard, hindering many challenges for crew members involved and OCIMF MEG-4 have such as... Is defined, several criteria should guide your choice of boats and locations worldwide the monthly payments work on! Connecting the vessel at the end of the Moorings has a rich history of welcoming campers from around the,. My local lake ( reservoir ) when the next step is to know the exact position of each line be!