Learning what else can go up and down helps them figure out a way to rescue Tony's kite. The children use their imaginations to pretend they're in Laura's picture enjoying an island adventure. BJ learns a lesson about bragging when he tells everyone that he, as Captain Pickles, can leap over the moon. Barney puts on a "Carnival of Numbers" for his friends, so they can have fun with numbers. The last live show written by Stephen White. Stella the Storyteller visits to tell them a story about pirates. Template: Barney Home Videos Barney Live! Barney and friends try to cheer up a girl they meet in the park. Barney and the kids enjoy the fun of all four seasons in one day. Melanie decides to help Grace's food drive by putting on a movie premiere with a canned food admission price. spanish charts and music portal LOGIN : Register. Barney and the kids go on a number hunt after a gust of wind accidentally blows away Tony's box filled with numbers. When Tony's kite gets stuck in a tree while he's trying to show it to Barney and the rest of his friends, everyone learns about the ups and downs of life, and how to overcome them. Barney tells Baby Bop and the children that things, both big and little, matter. The nuts and bolts of conversations revolve around common courtesies. Barney, BJ, and the other kids welcome Kenneth to their school. Barney OS (Windows BE) (Barney Editon) with RemixProtect™, Barney OS (Windows BE) (Barney Editon) remix. Barney introduce Barney's new friend Baby Bop, a shy two year old triceratops, who joins in the show after joining the Backyard Gang. Barney then takes him to Spain where they meet Regalo, who is a dancing horse. Barney uses a rainy day to teach kids about rainstorms. When the gang plays hide-and-seek, Baby Bop says that an elephant is hiding in the park. The kids prepare for their school's Show and Tell presentation, with Stephen bringing in a box of hats for dress-up fun. Riff has a sore tooth, but he is afraid of the dentist. and Baby Bop are fighting with each other. 8 product ratings - Barney - Live In New York City (VHS, 1994, Classic Collection) $39.88. Barney creates a kid-size car to teach the children about automobile. Pages Businesses Food & Beverage Bar Pub Barney's Videos Barney's - Barney's was live… Barney helps the kids experience the differences between day and night. When Derek's granddad and Kathy's nana visit the school, Barney and the kids learn how grandparents are special people. Barney - Vhs Lot! In the end, the kids learn that they should be thankful for what they have. Tina is upset that she can't do a basketball trick as well as her sister Luci. "The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure". “I think ‘Barney Miller’ is much more real than any other cop show,” Sierra said in an interview for the 1976 book “TV Talk 2: Exploring TV Territory.” “The people in the show have real problems. But before they are able to share it, a new visitor, The Winkster, sneaks away with the bag! Baby Bop finds out that the magic words to being polite are please and thank you. Gregory Sierra, who starred on ‘70s sitcoms like “Barney Miller” and “Sanford and Son,” has died at the age of 83. Barney - Live In New York City (VHS, 1994, Classic Collection) C $63.53. More Buying Choices $7.01 (20 used & new offers) Starring: Carey Stinson , Dean Wendt , Jeff Ayers and Jennifer Kendall Riff loses his drumsticks, but he's sure he left them in one of the neighborhoods he visited, so Barney helps him remember those places. Barney and his friends pretend to be cowboys and cowgirls. Baby Bop pretends to be a safety officer and instructs everyone on safety rules. The kids find out that learning something new takes practice. in New York City, Barney's Big Surprise, Barney's Musical Castle, and Barney's Colorful World! Barney helps BJ and Baby Bop deal with their anger. The gang makes posters to advertise a music concert at a park. Keesha, Stephen, and Jeff help Barney teach Baby Bop to jump rope. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. Add a photo to this gallery Barney's 2019 Special Surprise (Episode 8) 1 Barney's 2019 Special Surprise (Episode 8) 2 List: 3 Missing: 4 (2019 Version) Part 1 to 888 Barney's Birthday! Ryan's grandfather is coming to visit him, so he can't go to the movie theater with Barney and the others. Baby Bop plays with "Stop" and "Go" signs and then directs traffic. After a storm drives the kids inside, Barney helps them chase their fears away. When Barney tells everyone that putting on shows began in Greece, they want to go visit. Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids are planning a Sports Day in the park. Barney surprises them by bringing all of their families to enjoy the picnic with them. Barney plans a day full of fun activities, with each activity representing a piece of a puzzle. : Original Cast Recording is the original cast album to the 2010-2011 national stage show tour of Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash!.The album was released in 2011 by HIT Entertainment and VEE Corporation.. Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! He later learns his grandpa is more fun than he thought, and in return, the two of them decide to go to the movies after all. Barney and his friends take the stage to delight and entertain everyone at Radio City Music Hall. Camera! Barney and the kids show him how to use his imagination. Riff tries to find an easy way to pick up the litter, but the robot that he builds doesn't work as planned. After Min leaves for a trip to her grandmother's house, Barney takes the kids on a trip to "Imagination City". It's Earth Day, but Ben is wasting paper while BJ is not too concerned about cutting down a tree to make room for a new playground. Author Tomie DePaola visits. 242: 4 "Venice, Anyone? When Kathy and Min fight over whose turn it is to play with Barney, their purple friend shows them that sharing is wonderful. )that was produced by AEG Live, along withHIT Entertainment. Barney takes her to see the Man in the Moon. shipping: + C $7.58 shipping . The Winkster doesn't know how to make friends. Barney and the kids learn to appreciate various art forms as they decorate the school for an upcoming Open House. The children share each of their family traditions for Barney. Barney and his friends learn about various music styles, instruments, and that a little practice goes a long way. Barney shows them how to use their "five senses" to do the job. in Los Angeles, California (known as Barney Live! Barney and Riff pretend to be veterinarians to help Baby Bop when her teddy bear is damaged. It's Barney's birthday and the kids throw a birthday party for him. Melanie can't sleep on her first overnight campout. Marcos accidentally breaks Melanie's art show project, but is afraid to tell her. Kathy is sad because her family is too small. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (The episode names in parentheses are the U.S. counterparts), "Playing It Safe" redirects here. After learning about different countries on a globe, Barney takes the kids on a trip to visit his friends in Scotland, Israel, Africa, China, and Mexico. ... BARNEY KESSEL - LIVE AT THE JAZZ MILL 1954, VOL. Barney helps the kids learn about healthy snacks and how bread is made as they turn the classroom into a pretend restaurant. BJ tries to keep up with Terry on the basketball court, but can't keep up. La Gran Sorpressa de Barney was the second live album released by Barney, after its english counterpart, Barney's Big Surprise! "The Sword in the Sandbox: A Storybook Adventure". Barney and Riff take care of a nest of duck eggs. Barney then helps BJ learn the importance of being honest. Barney and his friends take the stage to delight and entertain everyone at Radio City Music Hall. Kioko shows up holding a prized possession which is a music box from Switzerland. Barney and friends perform in their own "Exercise Circus". Dr. TickTock stops by the school to make a special watch for Baby Bop. When Daniel thinks that he is too little to do anything right, Barney tells him a version of the King Arthur legends, where Arthur pulls the sword out of a sandbox. The kids are having a yard sale, getting rid of old toys, books and clothes. Barney and his friends learn about plants. (Barney's Colorful World LIVE! Ryan thinks about cheating during a fishing contest. BJ announces that he lost his baseball cap, so Barney and his friends help him find a replacement hat. Barney Live in New York City (Spanish VHS) Barney Live in New York City (UK VHS) Barney Live in New York City (Australia VHS) Barney Live in New York City (Screener VHS) (All Versions) Part 1 to 51111. Emma can't play with her friends because she has to complete a school project about her family. Barney teaches that everyone can't tell from the outside what someone might be like on the inside. Barney OS (Windows BE) (Barney Editon) (Milestone 1) (Build 13400) (Non-Live CD) by 09limbua Barney OS (Windows BE) (Barney Edition) (Spanish edition) by Topsyandtimfan Topsy and Tim OS by … shipping: + C $4.92 shipping . Barney takes him, BJ, and Baby Bop on an adventure to China where he can learn more about his new sister's heritage. Barney and the Backyard Gang perform at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, singing both familiar childrens tunes and hits from the video series. The piñata proves to be the highlight of the kids' fiesta. Include description. Stella the Storyteller makes her first appearance. Stella the Storyteller visits to tell "The Little Engine That Could.". The gang helps Danny overcome his fear of making a presentation in class. Baby Bop, however, gets confused between a tiger and a kitty cat, so Barney teaches everyone that there are different species of "cats" living in the world. While there, they sample Swiss food, customs and games, but no music box. It's time for Bingo's visit to the vet, but he's nowhere to be found. Barney Live! 0 bids. Through out the show, Barney and friends celebrate the purple guy's birthday through singing songs, playing games, and decorating the stage (in Act 2), often playing clips of kids suggesting ideas. Chip teaches his sister, Linda, the letters in her name. They all work together to make a special surprise for the audience using items from "The Barney Bag". Spanish Translation of “barney” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Baby Bop accidentally makes a huge mess in the classroom. When "Rainbow Beard the Pirate" sends the group on a treasure hunt, Barney and friends explore the colors and shapes around us. Ben and Barney return to the park just in time for Ben to finally get a pony ride. Barney helps out by following directions after the kids' picnic plans are ruined. BJ offers to take care of a pal's dog, but he needs help from his friends when the dog disappears. DVD $7.85 $ 7. The Winkster doesn't know how to make friends. While there, the kids learn about the culture and geography. Barney and the kids learn about various animals at the zoo, and Stella gives the children a mysterious present for a special zoo animal. BJ decides that he wants to become a firefighter and announces it to his friends. Barney lead the kids on a hiking expedition to discover different kinds of bugs and insects, after some of them (ants) interrupt their picnic. Barney and his friends take a make believe trip to Farmer Henderson's Farm (the playground with farm props) and learn about different farm animals. By the end of the day, everyone has experienced another country and have learned that wanting too much is not a good thing. He was raised by his aunt after his parents abandoned him when he was 6, according to The Hollywood Reporter . at Great Western Forum on show posters) is a Barney live show (following Barney in Concert, Barney Live! Barney runs into trouble when he can't stop eating pistachios. Barney and his friends keep hearing trains passing through the playground, but they can't seem to get outside in time to see it. The kids throw a party to celebrate a visit from Ashley and Alissa's aunt, Rachel. Barney's Fantastic For Surprises Barney's Colors & Shapes (1997 VHS) Four Seasons Day (Time Life VHS) Practice Makes Music (Time Life VHS) The Queen of Make-Believe (Time Life VHS) 1-2-3-4-5 Senses! When Melanie doesn't send her letter to Santa in time, Barney takes her to the North Pole to deliver it in person. The gang goes to a shapes carnival, but Riff thinks he won't be able to play any games after he loses his lucky medal. (Barney's Colorful World LIVE!) It's Barney's birthday and the kids, Baby Bop and B.J. Their friends and family tree "blooms" considerably. Barney teaches his friends about the "ins" and "outs" as Angela sets her box turtle Terry free. They all work together to make a special surprise for the audience using items from "The Barney Bag". Using letters from A to Z, Barney and his friends set up an "Animal Alphabet Zoo". Feeling like the caboose on a train, she's dejected, until Scott reminds her that the caboose is where the train conductor rides. 1 Barney Live! Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children aged 2–7 years old, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment.It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992 and ended on September 18, 2009.